Ski USA - ski holiday resorts from west to east

From the lakeside ski holiday resorts of California, through the soaring ski areas of the Rockies and over to the family ski hills of New England – diversity really marks out the ski terrain in this huge skiing country.

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A ski holiday in the USA very much depends on the location chosen. With close proximity to the major cities in California, the ski resorts on Lake Tahoe offer a dramatic natural mix of snow and water. The Rockies are all about high altitude powder and Utah, Montana and Colorado vie for the title as the powder capital of the US skiing map. Toward the east coast, in the cold, northern region of New England, numerous ski resorts dot the landscape, noted for their colonial history and charming, welcoming holiday atmosphere.

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One aspect of the ski holiday product that runs throughout the entire USA is customer service. The resorts are designed with the goal of creating the most hassle-free, enjoyable holiday possible. The staff are generally attentive and the incentives to return often persuasive. In common with Canada, the ski resorts in the USA do lack the surprise and interest of some European ski resorts; but with that, many of the annoyances as well. Similarly because of the compensation culture, skiing behaviour, on and off-piste is far more regulated in the US ski resorts; good if you are a novice sticking to the piste but annoying if you want to straight-line it or drop through some trees. Naturally the skiing can only be so controlled but the ski environment does differ quite a lot in this respect.

Resorts such as Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge are known worldwide for their annual and enviable snow accumulations. Located at high altitude these resorts, amongst others in the region, offer huge powder snow accumulations and are legendary ski destinations for those seeking powder skiing. The après ski varies considerably from exclusive bars to brew pubs; drinks are common after the slopes and can go till dawn, but the après ski scene is not as traditional or ubiquitous as in Austria for example.